Stardate 11405.28

With Visual Choreographer, Jim Moore, at Crown Spring Training 2014, it can mean only one thing...being sore.

Jim led the brass, percussion, and guard in the morning and part of the afternoon through all the body movements he designs to enhance the visual elements of the show. Most of these poses and movements involved the brass and guard, with the percussion getting in on some of the action. Of course, they are somewhat limited in movement because of their drums. Guard Leadership Member and dancer, Sally Ware, helped Jim teach much of the choreography throughout the day.

It was another challenging weather day for the corps. There were more threats of lightening at various times, and the Gardner-Webb warning system went off on five different occasions. This made rehearsing extremely difficult, as we had to move everyone off the athletic fields and inside where we only have access to one gym for the time being. But, everyone made it work and the battery percussion was able to spend part of the afternoon learning the ballad drill.

Evening ensemble in the stadium was cut short due to the weather issues, but the corps was able to work through the pre-show with Jim Moore. He spent some time experimenting with different movements and postures to enhance the visual program, before the corps ran through the second production, Out of This World, a couple times.

The guard experimented during ensemble with a new piece of equipment that they have never used before. It will be something definitely worth seeing! 

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