• Crown Founder Voted Into Hall

    Kevin Smith Enters 2014 Hall of Fame Class

    It is with extreme pleasure, pride and excitement that Carolina Crown acknowledges the selection of our co-founder, long time director and current president of Carolina Crown, Kevin Smith, to the DCI Hall of Fame, Class of 2014. An unselfish leader with Crown and DCI since 1988, Kevin helped bring drum corps to the Carolinas, serving the organization solely as a volunteer. 

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  • Persistence Pays Off

    Growing up Crown: The Age-outs

    William Young

    I'm bummed to not march with you this year, but be sure that I'll be watching and learning. And you can expect to see me at the next November camp for the 2011 season, because from the little taste I got from Crown I absolutely love it.

    This is from a letter that four-year Carolina Crown baritone player, William Young, wrote to brass caption head, Matt Harloff, back in 2010 when he first auditioned for Carolina Crown.

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  • Crown Completes New Uniform

    Fred J. Miller and Crown Meet

    There has been a lot of curiosity surrounding the show design for Carolina Crown this year. That intrigue and interest has also spilled over to the uniform design. Wonder what schocking design and color scheme will be used for the Crown 2014 show?

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  • CrownSOUND

    CrownSOUND – “Inside the Circle”IC-off-season

    Did you ever want to know what it takes to create the Carolina Crown brass sound? During the past 5 years, we have received many requests for the secrets behind the CrownSOUND and for contact information on our brass caption staff.

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  • March Camp Wrap Up

    Only One More Camp Before Spring Training

    March definitely did not go out like a lamb as a surge of Carolina Crown members swept through Nation Ford High School in Fort Mill, SC this past weekend. Check out this video review from Drum Major Linda Harvey and read about the camp below.

  • Coming Back Home

    Growing up Crown: The Age-Outs

    Eric Roundy

    The toughest decision Carolina Crown pit member Eric Roundy had to make in 2013 was whether or not to march. He was financially unable to make the commitment and had to take a year away from Crown. This decision turned out for the best and Eric traveled to Europe for the performance of his life.

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  • Joining Her Dream Corps

    Growing up Crown: The Age-outs

    Abigail Iksic

    “I have never been surrounded by so many people that are absolutely fantastic at their instruments and same-minded about a goal: being undeniably excellent.” Abigail Iksic, new Crown member and a ‘rook-out’ this year (a performer who is aging out in their rookie year in drum corps), has dreamed of marching in Carolina Crown since she first learned about drum corps at the age of 15.

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  • An Inspiration to his Friends

    Growing Up Crown: The Age-outs

    Ted Tinker

    Crown members are an inspiration to us all. Far more than musicians, they are the future leaders of our businesses and communities. One Crown age-out, Ted Tinker, is already an inspiration to many of his friends and classmates, as he and his college Fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha, are working to raise money for childhood cancer research.

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  • CrownGOLF
  • NightBEAT
  • BandBEAT

Golf and YOU!!!crowngolf

A beautiful May morning at the Palisades Country Club near Fort Mill, SC, with the smell of freshly cut grass, beautiful blue skies and manicured greens.

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 CrownLEARNING is part of our ever growing mission to help young performers reach their potential while developing excellence in music and visual arts.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

American Legion 
Memorial Stadium 
Kings Drive, Charlotte, NC 

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BandBeatLogoAs an event program of the Carolina Crown organization, BandBEAT is a premier event for marching bands in the Carolinas. 

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